Privacy Statement

Why do we have a privacy statement?

Digital Print with Data Direct Digital: Australia's Digital Printer and Publisher respects the privacy of our customers, partners and suppliers and we aim to comply with the legal privacy laws. This privacy statement is aimed to outline the information required to deliver the Data Direct Digital service, detail how it will be used and to whom we may disclose the information. At all stages customers have the choice to access and enforce the removal or limited disclosure of their personal information. Data integrity will be respected at all times and any queries or concerns please contact us at

What information do we collect?

The only information we will collect is:

a. Name

b. Address

c. Telephone number

d. Gender

e. Financial details

f. Print purchasing habits

g. e-mail address (optional)

h. Any other information we consider necessary to deliver the service

Why do we take this information?

a. This information may be taken when completing a request for a quote or order.

b. To take, process and deliver your order or to obtain payment.

c. To notify you of the status of your order.

d. To send you with your prior consent, newsletters, promotional material or inform you of new services or service updates.

e. To ask your involvement, with prior consent to on-line surveys and polls and anonymous data collection.

f. To monitor and improve service or purchase patterns. Your e-mail address or contact information will not be forwarded to mailing lists or third parties for the purpose of selling you non-related services.

How is this information held and delivered?

It is delivered in paper and electronic form. Data Direct Digital will take reasonable steps to keep the information secure and some of the ways we do this are:

a. Requiring staff to maintain confidentiality.

b. Implementing document storage policies.

c. Only allowing access to personal information where the individual seeking access has satisfied our identification requirements.

d. Controlling access to our files and documentation.

Dealing with us anonymously

This can be done but is dangerous because of incorrect delivery and we would suggest it is better to use a pseudonym.

Affiliated services

Privacy policies of our linked sites may be different from our privacy policy so we urge you to review any site to which you are linked.

Disclosure of information

a. Agreed in this Privacy statement.

b. Where you have consented to this disclosure.

c. If disclosure is authorised by law or government agencies.

d. If we believe that the disclosure is reasonably necessary to assist a law enforcement agency or an agency responsible for national security in the performance of its functions.

e. For the preparation or conduct of legal proceedings or for the implementation of the orders of a court or tribunal.

f. When an investigation of suspected fraud or unlawful activity has been conducted by On-Demand and the information is relevant.

Sharing of information

a. We will only share your information with third parties contracted to deliver services for Data Direct Digital as all key printing services are in-house.

b. We will not forward your information to third parties for the purposes of promotion.

c. Your personal information will only be used for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Statement.

d. At the time of order you will given the choice to receive information, service updates, reminders for re-order and where relevant, newsletters and Data Direct Digital marketing messages. If you choose not to select these communications, they will not be sent to you.

e. You can inform us at any time on

Accuracy and Access

You can access personal information maintained on our system to review and correct. Data Direct Digital reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee (related to scope and ease of compliance) for access to your personal information.

Changes to policy

Data Direct Digital reserve the right to change this policy from time to time and an update date will be detailed within the statement. This statement was last updated on 16.08.06

Contact information

Any further enquiries on our privacy statement or you feel that your enquiry or complaint has not been handled correctly or to your satisfaction please contact: