Key data analysis that goes beyond traditional marketing

Cross media marketing, utilising the benefits of multiple media such as email, print, telecommunications and websites, allows you to develop targeted campaigns that reach your customers.

Such campaigns are not only more effective than most traditional marketing but crucially, also provide metrics that allow you to measure your campaigns effectiveness.

Data Direct Digital offers world-class data extraction, rationalisation and cleansing services to ensure you get the most value from your client data when it comes to marketing. Using these services enables you to streamline your data information access, control its availability and security, and extract key data to target, develop and assist in market segmentation.

We also provide tools to allow you to measure your campaigns in real time with the most important details accessible from centralised hubs.

These measurement systems work 24/7, helping improve the overall response rate of your campaign.

Cross Media:

  • Email, Print, Web
  • Telecommunications
  • World-class data extraction
  • Campaign results measured in real time

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