File Preparation


Embed all fonts that are used throughout the document, including fonts used in linked EPSs. When defining a font, use the actual font for bold, italic etc rather than choosing them from the applications styles.


Set bleed to at least 3mm. (Bleed is the art that flows off the side of the page that we will cut into when we finally trim the document to its final size).

File naming

Do not use any spaces or dots at the beginning or end of filenames. When naming files, try to avoid using the following characters as they are not recognised on our system. ? “ / \ < > * | : = + [ ] . , ; ^ ® ™ % Ï ° ©

Colour Matching

Digital printing relies on the use of four Colours (CMYK) to produce all colours as opposed to your computer screen which only uses three (RGB).


Where possible, use a minimum of 300dpi for images at the size to be printed. If you are unfamiliar with colour profiling, it is probably best you leave photos untagged.


Supply latest ISO Verified Proof copies of the final job if possible.