Case Studies

Client Requirement

A large National Franchise Organisation came to Data Direct Digital wanting to re-establish contact with their Investors.

Whilst the Franchisors had electronic access to bank accounts and details provided by the Investors, there was no guarantee that their contact database was current.

The Franchisor was also realistic in that a large majority of their Investors may be aggrieved with the lack of communication from them.

By way of a survey, the company wanted to find out what was causing their Investors the most concern - in order to figure out how to fix the problems and meet the Investors' expectations.

Campaign Design and Methodology

Data Direct Digital organised a Cross Media Campaign, using the following campaign infrastructure:

A call-to-action letter was sent to Investors as a Z-folded business letter, posted in a window-faced envelope. This gave the mailer credibility as a business document rather than a postcard, which may have been discarded upon reading that there was no special offer.

  • The spirit of the letter content was to "Help us to help you" in making your investment more valuable/worthwhile.
  • The letter requested the recipient to log on to their personal URL and update their information.
  • The submission of information updates then progressed the Investor into an on-line questionnaire.
  • The design of the questionnaire was such that we could measure at what point the Investor 'opted out' of the survey if the entire survey was not completed.
  • After two weeks, a booster mail piece was sent out as a reminder of the call to action.


Five weeks into the campaign, the Franchisor had a 35% response rate of Investors logging in and a 28% response rate of total members going onto the site to complete the questionnaire.

The final response rates have progressed to:

  • Final Response Rate = 43.02%
  • Micro site Visitors = 39.4% (1021)
  • Completed Survey = 31% (756) - around 75% of all who logged in went on to complete the full survey.
  • Known dead mail = 2.7% (68) Addresses

Due to the success of this campaign, the Franchisor is now engaging in quarterly campaigns to maintain contact with, and feedback information to, their Investors.